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Jeska Brodbeck is a full-time mindfulness and performance coach based in Miami, Florida and owner of the company Be Light Consulting, where she offers mindful performance coaching & yoga instruction for business professionals throughout the U.S.  She trained at one of the top yoga schools in the U.S., Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the Berkshires, Massachusetts in 2012 and has practiced yoga for over 14 years.  She is also an empowerment and life coach and has dedicated over 800 hours to the Gratitude Training, a transformational leadership program.


Jeska offers keynote presentations and the Mindful Performance® Training series of 8 educational presentations to organizations across the private corporate sector, government and non-profit. She has been highlighted as a Distinguished Speaker at Florida International University, serves on the Board of the Program in the Study of Spirituality at Florida International University and served on the board of the very first World Happiness Summit. She is a featured speaker for the YPO, a global group of CEO's. Past clients include:


  • Featured Speaker at Florida International University

  • HSBC Bank National Sales Conference

  • YPO Latin America Conference

  • Cigna Top Clients Conference

  • Telemundo Career Week

  • HRABC (Human Resources of Broward County) Annual Conference

  • HRABC (Human Resources of Broward County) Health Day

  • US Virgin Islands Board of Health


Jeska works with business professionals to help them create a "mind like water" so they can be more efficient and productive with less stress in their life.   Jeska’s background is in corporate-- she has worked for companies including the publicly-traded Olympic Steel, selling steel to Latin America; top EMR company Epic Systems; and advertising agency Stephan and Brady.  By blending her experience as an instructor and coach with her experience as a professional business owner and consultant, Jeska offers practical tools based in modern science and the ancient wisdom of yoga to help business professionals reduce stress, improve focus & reach a new level of performance.