So often, we lose track of the gift of this life.  We lose the awareness that we are these squishy human beings in these meat suits hurtling through space and time on a ball with red hot magma inside.  We miss the gift that each breath brings… the gift of being able to exist and to ENJOY all of the beautiful experiences possible during this lifetime.

Last year, my father passed away.  Even writing these words stings, but I share because in his passing, he delivered a tremendous gift: the awareness of how precious life truly is.  I remember right after he passed, I would marvel at how other human beings I came into contact with were simply *breathing.*  As I watched my father transition over an entire week inside of the hospital, I had no choice but to become very present to his breath.  His breath was the lifeline keeping him tethered to this physical reality.  I knew that when his breath stopped, he would have to leave.  And so for hours and days on end, my family and I watched his chest move up and down, watched his body breathe, pure presence to each and every breath he took.  

Now that my father has passed over to the other side, I still have moments when I am standing in front of another human being and am simply in awe.  

Have you considered recently the miracle of your life? 

That you can think a thought and the thought alone moves your limbs?  

That you can enjoy the sound of music wafting into your ears?

That you can share yourself with others simply by reaching out for a hug? 

That you can smell the scent of a flower freshly picked? 

You see, the mind makes things so complicated.  When we return back to the simplicity of the body and specifically of our next breath, we can return back to what life truly is. 

Our lives are to be lived and to be loved.  I invite you to take a moment… to stop whatever you are doing or thinking about doing next… and to cherish these next few breaths.  Take this moment to fully and deeply connect and to remember what your life is truly about.

Signing off with a wish of peace for you,