How do you live your days?  Do you set intentions for how you want your day to go?  Or do you just leave it to chance?  If you are not setting intentions yet, then you may just be missing out.  Allow me to explain. 

First, a few basic premises, rooted in science.  All of the signals from the outside world are filtered through our senses.  Our human body receives information through the 5 senses that we commonly know, such as taste, touch, sight, sound and smell— and there are additional senses such as proprioception (the perception of the position of our limbs), the perception of temperature and of pain, etc.  And while we are receiving tons of information from the stimuli around us and also inside of us, our brain is only able to process a small fraction of the information and signals that it receives at any one time.  

So by the transitive law of mathematics (“If A=B, then B=C”), if our brain can only process a fraction of what is coming in at any one time, then whatever we choose to place our attention on shapes the experience we have.  And by its very nature, what we focus on moment-by-moment literally creates our life, because our life is made up of a series of moments.  

By setting intentions, then, we can consciously choose how and where to focus our attention throughout our day and what our experience will be, BEFORE the experiences occur.

Now let’s take it from the philosophical to the practical.

When you wake up in the morning, do you ever dread going to work and drag your feet?  Do you worry about and anxiously anticipate the important meeting you have scheduled that day? 

How well has that really been working for you?

What if, today, you tried something radically different?  

What if you chose your experience, similar to pulling a record off the shelf and saying this is the music I’d like to play today? 

Setting your intention daily, first thing in the morning, is a great way to create your own positive outcomes.  I recommend making intention setting a part of your daily routine (and if you don’t have a daily routine, I strongly recommend creating one for the same reason.)  You can, by the way, set an intention for a single event such as an important meeting, a challenging conversation with a colleague, or a pitch to a new client, as well.  

Try it now

To set an intention, take a moment, close your eyes, place both hands over your heart, and breathe in slowly.  Allow a few minutes to ask yourself what you need in this moment, or how you want to feel, or what your best outcome would look like.  Then speak your intention out loud.

My intention is usually along the lines of “I am committed to serving my clients in the highest and best ways I can,” “I am committed to being love today and to breathing through any challenges,”  and “I am committed to being a positive force in the world.”  It can also be more specific for more specific events, such as,  “I am committed to providing new, supportive information for my clients that will have them win at their goals.”

Once you set your intention, I recommend writing it down and placing it somewhere you will see it throughout the day.  The intention we hold consciously or unconsciously will always shape our experience.

Tips for Setting Your Intention: 

  1. Make it clear.  The more clear you are on what you intend to create, the more likely it is to happen.
  2. Make it sincere.  You know if you’re blowing smoke or not.  What do you really want?  Connect with that, and declare it. 
  3. Keep it positive.  Keep from using any negatives in your intention.  Instead, state boldly what you are choosing to live into, even if you don’t see it quite yet.

Enjoy!  And remember, this technique only works if you do, so try it out beginning now (why not?!)

I’d love to hear from you about how it works out for you!