"We had the pleasure of learning from Jeska at a recent conference. She had our attention from the start and helped us apply techniques and exercises to our everyday life that will be instrumental in helping us de-stress and be successful. She took the time to tailor her presentation to our audience so the message definitely resonated. Completely worthwhile and we plan to invite her back!" 

- Matt Ward, Head of Communications Global Private Banking, Global Asset Management & Global Research, HSBC USA

"I've thoroughly enjoyed Jeska's presentations at NBC Telemundo. As a benefits administrator in the corporate sector for over 3 decades, I found the information to be especially meaningful and useful for all who attended. Jeska is not only knowledgeable of the subject matter and very professional in her demeanor, but she is also very flexible and understanding of our business needs. I highly recommend her services.”
Marta M. Perez | Benefits Administrator, HR | Telemundo

Recognizing the need for more education on the causes of stress and how to manage it, we invited Jeska Brodbeck, founder of Be Light Consulting to all 3 of our South Florida offices to help our employees understand how to better manage their stress without medication! The one-hour seminars with breathing and stretching exercises were extremely well received by employees who participated. The feedback we received was outstanding! 

“It was one of the best wellness events we’ve done all year” commented several participants. Even our General Counsel and her team of attorneys participated and found the exercises valuable to release the stress they face in their roles. 

We are exploring when we can invite Jeska back to offer additional sessions from the full 8-part Mindful Performance series as part of an ongoing mindfulness campaign for our employees. We believe the payback is truly immeasurable. I highly recommend Jeska and her outstanding training to help your organization teach employees how to destress and employ mindful performance techniques.

- Stephan Gerdes, Director, Total Rewards at Cable & Wireless Communications

Jeska’s Mindful Performance Series provided our employees with insightful, practical, and important information on how to beat stress naturally, find their flow through mindfulness and meditation, manage their time and harness the power of their mind.  Our employees enjoyed the seminars and always commented on how applying Jeska’s teachings supported them in having a more productive day.  I highly recommend Jeska’s series for any organization looking to introduce the concepts of mindfulness and meditation to achieve high performance.

- Liliana A. Sanchez, Senior Manager, Talent & Organizational Development, Human Resources Department, City of North Miami Beach

I learned that all it takes is 5 minutes to completely reset my state of being.
— Jessie Zhu, Senior Vice President, Head of Advisory and Sales Management Investment Services and Product Solutions, HSBC Bank

“Speaking for myself and my colleagues attending sessions with Jeska of Be Light Consulting, I can state that we all look forward to that hour respite from our daily work duties.  The skills taught in that short period of time are invaluable and certainly lead to more productive employees, which in turn benefits everyone involved.  I highly recommend this program for anyone and everyone who can use a relaxing moment to themselves during an otherwise hectic day!"

- Doug Gonzales, City Attorney, City of Hollywood, Florida

"Our Lunch & Learn session with Jeska was informative, useful for our individual work and personal situations, and engaging.  In my 30+ years in the corporate world, this was one of the most worthwhile programs I have participated in and one which will have a tangible, positive impact."

- William P. Murphy, Senior Vice President - Relationship Manager | HSBC Private Bank

An elegant lady, with a soothing voice, poise and excellent delivery of her message, fully engaged the attention of a room full of harried-wellness professionals with just a few phrases.  Within a couple of minutes into her presentation, she seamlessly introduced us into a state of mindfulness with just a couple of exercises.  Ms. Brodbeck, owner of Be Light Consulting, was able to educate us on how stress lowers our memory, and problem-solving and focus abilities.  And with her engaging demeanor and deliberate eye contact, she captured our attention and made us realize the futility of “multi-tasking”. This was a great take-away for me personally, as was her suggestion to time ourselves while doing just one task…I tried it today, and the method she suggested worked like magic!  Since her talk, I’ve already made tremendous progress on a few of the many “stressor-tasks” that are always front and center. I would certainly and most highly recommend Ms. Brodbeck for any enterprise.   Particularly if they are seeking to increase the wellbeing of their workforce!”

- J. Jair Espinoza, CPP, City of Miami, Group Benefits Manager, Risk Management Department

"We recently held a national sales conference and invited Jeska to participate in our conference.  She was very well received by all and everyone found the Mindful Performance session useful to help deal with some of the stresses that go along with high-performing sales teams.  Jeska was very engaging and demonstrated her subject matter expertise.  While much of the conference agenda was focused on sales and product capability, I found Jeska’s session a great compliment to some of the technical components of the conference.  Her methods are very effective, practical and useful for all salespeople looking to maximize performance."  

- Michael T. Cerminaro, Managing Director, Head of Regional Business Development, HSBC Private Banking, HSBC Bank USA

“Dear Jeska,

In the months we've shared, I have grown tremendously. I appreciate your gentle challenges, encouragement, and guidance along my journey. I am confident that your guidance equipped me to embody love, generosity and grace to my family over the holiday. It's a memory I now get to cherish and build upon it for deeper, more loving and honest relationships with my family - and not just my brother and sister-in-law. Our family dynamic is beginning to heal and rebuild into something healthier and stronger than ever before. I now see the power that I have to guide and influence the people in my life.

Thank you for helping me begin to understand my worth. You are a strong, gentle and wise soul.”

- Melanie Charlton, Owning Partner of Brllnt Advertising Agency

Our employees enjoyed the seminars and always commented on how applying Jeska’s teachings supported them in having a more productive day.
— - Liliana A. Sanchez, Senior Manager, Talent & Organizational Development, Human Resources Department, City of North Miami Beach

Cigna has a full suite of capabilities and works with employers to design wellness programs that fit their culture- to help employees live healthier lives. We’ve found that mindfulness is an effective approach for relieving stress and improving focus, and we encourage employers and employees to include mindfulness as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. Jeska helps people recognize opportunities for self-improvement and develop new habits that can reduce stress, increase productivity and improve quality of life.

- Jason Rutz, Health Improvement Strategist, Cigna

"I have worked with Jeska over the last year, and I have found huge value in the work we have done both in my personal and professional lives. She listens with intent to understand, asks questions and gently challenges without judgement, and shares ideas and experiences that make me think long after the session is over. She understands the corporate space and promotes creating an environment that honors oneself and those around you with kindness and positive intent. Highly recommend Jeska for individual and group sessions-- from coaching to mindfulness to yoga. She is a gem!"

-Bonnie O'Meara, Director of Organizational Development, Chen Med

"I recently had a personal Yoga experience with Jeska, and I must say, she is the consummate professional.  Jeska brought all the equipment needed, mats, bolsters, weights, and even music with her to my home.  The most important thing she brought however, was her knowledge and professional attitude.  It did not matter that I had never taken a yoga class before because Jeska made the experience both educational and custom designed to physically challenge me.

I highly recommend Jeska to anyone looking for a great physical and spiritual workout."

- Jerry Libbin, President of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

"We invited Jeska Brodbeck to be a featured speaker for the Program in the Study of Spirituality at Florida International University. Her presentation was informative, experiential, and fun! She shared many practical stress relieving techniques and insights that are truly invaluable in today’s workplace environment. Jeska was professional and approachable, and the audience really enjoyed her lecture."

- Erin Weston, MA, Director, Program in the Study of Spirituality, Florida International University

“As you all know, I was late joining yesterday's session due to handling many "urgent" things at once. Logging into the session forced me to slow down and "re-calibrate". Not to anyone's surprise, I was still able to handle priorities yesterday which reminded me that not only do we have time to practice mindfulness techniques, we don't have the time NOT to. Thanks, Jeska.”

- Wanda Howell, Regional Human Resources Business Partner, The McClatchy Company

"Through Jeska’s personal coaching and mindfulness teachings, I have been able to appreciate and enjoy my personal life more. I have also been able to increase productivity in my businesses and better manage my stress and time."

- Luis Gonzalez-Hertzsch, YPO Gold Guatemala

"Hi, Jessica.  I attended your lunch and learn session at NueHealth this month.  I want to tell you that I did not want it to end!  It is amazing how simple breathing and meditation techniques can elevate your energy and awareness, even your mood!  Looking forward to your return; I will definitely sign up again!"

- Theresa Persse, Reporting Specialist, NueHealth, Leawood, Kansas

"Jeska recently hosted a Yoga Mindfulness session for our division and it was a wonderful experience. Jeska gently took the attendees into the practice and awareness of mindfulness and how it impacts our daily lives and decisions. Her voice was very calming and had quite the guiding effect as Jeska guided us through the practices of mindfulness. She was very knowledgeable and professional, a pleasure to have at our session."

- Martha Rosa, Committee Member, Staff Development Committee, Division of Student Affairs, FIU

"Jeska is one of a kind. Her talent as a yoga practitioner is extraordinary. She brings calm and confidence to each of our sessions and I feel replenished mentally and physically at the end of each session. Thanks Jeska, you are awesome!"

- Harry Tapias, Attorney, Loigica

"I wanted to share with you that my heart rate is something I monitor constantly. I check it in the morning while running and in other times.  My rest heart rate is in the low 60’s and during the last months of training before a marathon it goes down to mid 50’s.  I noticed that during the morning of Saturday the 2nd of September, I noticed that my heart rate during the four hours before I checked it was registered to be 47, a number that I have never registered before.  I believed that the yoga classes you conducted that morning left me totally unstressed and relaxed and that allowed my heart to go down to that figure.  Elite athletes and mountain climbers can have hear rates in their low 30’s or less, but for a 60 year old, I was very thrilled by my healthy, relaxed and peaceful heart."

- Cristian Rodriguez, YPO Gold Guatemala

"When I met Jeska, I had been looking for an answer to the chronic lower back pain that required injections in my back on a regular basis.  I had heard about the many benefits of yoga and I wanted to learn how to do each pose correctly and avoid injury. Private yoga sessions proved to be one of the best investments that I have ever made.  Each session, customized to my level of ability and my goals, builds strength, balance and agility. I practice the poses each morning.  Now I LOVE YOGA and I no longer need the injections! 

I continue to take my yoga practice to the next level with private sessions.  Jeska has travelled out of her way to accommodate my schedule and the distance between us, for which I am grateful. She always brings EVERYTHING needed for our practice, including great music and as an added bonus, she shares her wisdom too!"

- Nancy Crittendon, Middle School Administrator

"Jeska is the ultimate professional who teaches with ease, and with a natural alchemy, turns what might otherwise be challenging into something fun.  I have laughed, shared, cried, stretched, meditated, chanted and found insights into myself and my new business endeavor, all while discovering a new sense of balance, core and calm with every breath.  She is an essential secret weapon for any entrepreneur.

Thank you Jeska!"

- Mary Mathis, Public Relations Executive and Entrepreneur, Latinarrific

I had been looking for an answer to the chronic lower back pain that required injections in my back on a regular basis. Now I LOVE YOGA and I no longer need the injections!

"Jeska is more than a yoga instructor. She is a healer. Some of the most profound life changing moments have happened in my private one-on-one sessions with her. I still go back to these yoga positions that she took me to when I was at my worst, and remember the joy and love that I received in those moments as a reminder to how much love I truly have access to.
Regular sessions with Jeska is a gift that everyone deserves to give themselves. Self-love improves, self-esteem, empowerment, and of course, it's amazing exercise. She is so intuitive and goes right with you at your pace. 
Call her, you won't regret it."
- Heather Hundhausen, Mind Body Therapist

She is an essential secret weapon for any entrepreneur.
— Mary Mathis, Public Relations Executive and Entrepreneur, Latinarrific

"Jeska, I wanted to let you know and update you on my physical progress. And I attribute a lot of this to our time together. The issue in my hip has disappeared. It no longer hinders me. I no longer notice it or any trace of it or do I favor it. No discomfort whatsoever. I not only attribute this result to the yoga sessions we've had together but also to your guiding light of support.  You have supported me in turning toward and getting aligned with my purpose and diving in to discover my natural and innate talents as a voice. In this I have found ease. From the bottom and the whole of my heart, thank you."

- Benjamin Chatson, Technology Sales

 "I have received private yoga lessons from Jeska Brodbeck. She pushes you yet envelops you in her cocoon of love and acceptance. Let me try and express without sounding trite the clarity and expansiveness she brought to our practice. The focus is on highest intention and reaching your edge, always moving forward with both. She brings love and and openness, and support for your intention and goals. Discoveries and epiphanies occur as you practice and exchange energies leading you to what you are reaching for."

- Melissa Frantz, Entrepreneur & Insurance Sales

"Jeska was absolutely amazing to work with.  We had a large group of 16 girls and she was so accommodating to us.  We did our yoga session on the beach and when she noticed we were getting hot she even let us do part of the class in the water!  We had such a wonderful experience and Jeska is so talented at what she does.  This yoga session was one of the highlights of our trip and I would recommend her to any and everyone!  Thank you Jeska!"

- Ellie Dumovich, Physical Therapist

"During Jeska's Mindful Performance presentation at HSBC's Right to Win Conference, I learned that all it takes is 5 minutes to completely reset my state of being.” 

- Jessie Zhu, Senior Vice President, Head of Advisory and Sales Management Investment Services and Product Solutions, HSBC Bank